Academic Club

Sci Club

Sci Club is a club which helps in the development of scientific attitude and develops genuine interest in Science and scientific activities.
Our School's Sci-ir Club is quite unique and magnificent . The Club organizes competitions and Science quize on weekly basis.
It is unique because our scientific knowledge is not confined only to books but we take interest more in practicals and smart classes where the students learn new things.
Its motto is to innovate something new and attractive in every class . The students are always curious about practicals and not on manual reading.

Literary Club

A sense of confidence to thoughts in its members
Literary Club gives its members a suitable platform to enhance their literary talents with productive suggestions, healthy criticism andheartfelt appreciation. It introduces them to the wider horizons of literature in diverse languages. This club gives them a sense of belonging in a group where their individuality and talents are respected and instilled in them speak out. Thus literary club triggers conducive and hence enhance their literary talents.
This Club also aims at intensifying the writing and speaking skills of its members in English as well as Hindi.

Creative Club

This club is all about the creative skills. These skills include those activities where students get a chance to learn and exihibit their potential when it comes to painting and drawing. This club develops the creative and imaginative skills of the students. This club helps the students to tap into their imaginative and creative skills to expand their knowledge and understanding. Those students who are not good at academics can make their future in arts and other fields related to creativity

Eco and Wellness club

The name itself denotes the meaning Ecosystem or Environment. This Club of our School is totally related to the environment and cleanliness. In this club, the students are taught about environment, its safety, hygiene, etc. Students of this club prepare various charts using their creative ideas, decorate display boards on Environment Day. During Van Mahotsav Week, they also plant trees around the school. This Club also helps in developing the interest of students towards the environment. This Club is responsible for maintaining cleanliness

Heritage Club

Heritage club in the school is about discovering the culture and heritage of the country as well as other heritage sites of the world. Heritage club is also an attempt to understand all aspects that makes the identity of our Indian civilization or any other civilization in the world. It is an enriching and valuable experience for both students and teachers alike. This club explores the meaning of Heritage to understand ourselves better and to appreciate the cultural interconnectedness of the past, present and future.