Academic House

Achievers (Blue House)

House motto is AIM, ACT & ACHIEVE.
Mission - SAVE
Blue is the colour of water and we have limited resources of this elixir of life.So, House members are always on their mission to SAVE THE WATER.
The house members have aimed at their water saving target to act upon all the means to achieve the success in maximizing to conserve and minimizing the wastage of water.

Blazers (Green House)

Mission - SPREAD
House motto is Begin on your right foot & Blaze.
Green is the colour of prosperity and one nation is rich in quality of breathing air, only if it's citizen have spirit to spread greenery in form of planting more trees and conserving it's flora & fauna. BLAZERS always put their foot rightly forward towards their mission to spread the message and greenery at large in their own and local surroundings.

Determiners (Yellow House)

DETERRMINERS (Yellow House) House motto is Determine,Do & Deliver.
Mission - SHARE
Sharing makes us bigger than we are.The more we pour out, the more life will be able to pour in.This is the motive behind all Determiners,who are always keen in pioneering about Care & Share for their fellows in all walks of life.

Challengers (Red House)

House motto is Take challenges confidently & Conquer.
Blood Donation is one of the most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society.
The Challengers at RAINBOW always take the growing challenge of spreading the aware of saving one's life by encouraging Blood donation.