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Dear Parents, Please note new landline number of school is now 297709. Helpline number 9411596222 and whatsapp 7906391455

School's Achievements

RAINBOW ACADEMY SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL has been ranked 'TOP SCHOOL' of all English Medium Schools at HALDWANI. We have been awarded 'Rating 4.9'

RAINBOW ACADEMY SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL has also been ranked among 'TOP SCHOOLS WITH INNOVATIVE PRACTICES' as per the All India Top School Ranking 2018 Survey conducted by eGovt Digital Learning Magazine.



Respected Parents,

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Ruchi Sharma
Rainbow Academy Senior Secondary School
Bareilly Road, HALDWANI (Nainital)


House motto is AIM, ACT & ACHIEVE.


House motto is Begin on your right foot & Blaze.


House motto is Take challenges confidently & Conquer.


House motto is Determine,Do & Deliver. Mission - SHARE

Welcome To Rainbow Academy


RAINBOW – naturally drawn by the energy of Sunlight kindles the quest for the knowledge through the spiritual messages imbibed in its each colour serving an inspirational ideology to achieve the core values of RAINBOW ACADEMY.

RAINBOW ACADEMY aspires all the students to succeed in their world. It offers a wide variety of challenging, enjoyable and successful curricular opportunities. We are also determined to develop in our students a passion for learning because if they do so, they will never cease to grow!

Our Mission

EDUCATION FOR EXCELLENCE -Excellence is not just a skill yet an attitude . Our aim is to shape up highly skilled future citizens with a combination of Great Indian Values and High sense of Responsibility. RAINBOW ACADEMY firmly believes in imparting Education for Excellence in Life.

Our Vision

RAINBOW ACADEMY strives to imbue in students the determination and abilities to discover the treasure within , explore their latent talent and develop their skills to accomplish the desired goals and stand out in the challenging world.

Our Facility

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The transportation of students is quick and convenient due to a fleet of Buses and Mini Buses with a well planned routing. The school also plans to have GPS based School Bus tracing and control system for safety of its students and information to parents.


The School has a well equipped Science Lab for Junior & Secondary Level students to support experiential learning. The analytical & numerical abilities, Language & Problem solving skills are also enhanced through various Labs of experimentation.


The School campus is safe and secure for the students, with proper boundary walls and CCTV cameras to monitor all entrances, exits and activities in the campus without interfering the privacy of the students.

House System

The School has four Houses : “A” (ACHIEVERS), “B” (BLAZERS), “C” (CHALLENGERS) & “D” (DETERMINERS). The students are divided into four houses that focus on most of the activities out of the classroom and serve to promote a spirit of friendly and healthy competition in spors, literary and cultural activities.


RAINBOW ACADEMY has developed its well stocked Library as LEARNING RESOURCE CENTRE where reading is enjoyable through wide range of fiction & nonfiction Books, folk & fairytales, Magazines, periodicals and reference material for students and staff. It will be computerized, equipped with CD ROM workstations, printers to facilitate the work of students & staff.


A CURRICULUM FOR LIFE: RAINBOW ACADEMY is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi. The School offers admissions from classes Nursery to Grade XII. A separate ultra modern Academic and Activity Block has been constructed to meet all the requirements of a Senior Secondary Level School.

Why Choose Us?

Since 2005, RAINBOW ACADEMY has been keeping the faith of its all ingredients at its highest priority with maintaining a high level of academics and discipline. At Rainbow Academy, we have always believed that Excellence is just not a skill, yet an Attitude.Our great ancient educational values have brought laurels in Mathematics, Science, Art & Literature to many arenas of human life. Mahatma Gandhi once said that "All education in a country has got to be demonstrably in promotion of the progress of the country in which it is given".

Teacher Training

Best Education

Extra Classes

Why Choose Us

Rainbow Academy Council

MOTTO: This council aims at spreading awareness about cleanliness among Rainbowits.This council helps in making the RAINBOW ACADEMY clean and green.

The members of this council are given various equipments and tools such as masks, gloves, etc., which help them in maintaining the cleanliness of the school. This club organizes certain rallies to increase the interest of the people towards cleanliness of environment. This council also strengthens PM Modi's "SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN".

The special thing about it is that it teaches the students about the team work.

School Activities

Happy Birthday

News & Upcoming Events

National School Award

Another Feather in the Crowning Glory of Rainbow Academy!  National School Award for Innovative School Practices will be conferred on our School on 04th of August 2019 in New Delhi.


ALBENDAZOLE chew-able tablet was given to all our students from Class I to XII on August 8, 2019.